One thing that you should always have in your wallet wherever you go is your custom business cards. You will never know when you will be in a situation where you are obliged to give it. Therefore, it is a must to make your business cards memorable. Here are tips for making that a reality:

  • Make it Useful

When you give your card to a person you just met, it is possible he will just throw it away if you give him no reason to keep it. One way to give him a reason to keep it is to make the card have a function. For example, it can be designed in such a way that it can be used as a paper clip holder. If he uses it in the office all the time, the person will remember you whenever he looks at it.

  • Utilise the Back

A business card always has two sides so maximise it by putting something at the back. It can be the company’s tagline or even a simple photo indicating what the company is all about. It will cost more to print a two-sided card compared to a one-sided one but it will be worth it due to the impression you will make.

  • Avoid Putting Temporary Messaging

No matter how dedicated you are to the company’s current campaign, you should never put it on the business card. You only want permanent details on it like your name, contact number and email. They are more than just giving your contact information to strangers as they can also be used as marketing tools and there are so many ways on how you can capitalise on that.

  • Use Unusual Materials

If you are feeling a bit creative, you can use unusual materials for your cards like wood and metal. However, you must keep in mind they are always put in pockets so they shouldn’t be too heavy.