Animated videos are gaining popularity online, because they are fun, creative and engaging. But what exactly is an animated video? An animated video is a creative way in conveying complex information in fast pace. Many industries are loving the path animation takes them. Video increases the retention of the audience especially when conveying information which are complex to understand when done without the utilization of animation. Videos are combination of auditory and visual stimulation which helps viewers with short attention span to remember more. It becomes an even more efficient tool when incorporated with strategic marketing and brilliant concepts.

In animation, each video has its own purposes, you may make use of these own purpose for your own convenience. Let us take a look at some of these animation video types and how they are utilized in the industry of advertising.

animation video

Narrative and animated imagery are the specialization of Switch videos. It creates videos that are compelling and with a storyline enabling the audience to remember the brand. While an animated explainer uses popular metaphors to bridge the distance between short-term memory and long-term memory. Whiteboard animation, this type of video comprises of a white simple background with an animation which is drawn by line and a text for support. When correctly done this could be an efficient way to cross your message. There is software that specializes in whiteboard animation. It allows you to automate the procedure, which is imperative in saving. It is the perfect solution for those who want budget friendly animation especially for online marketing a product. Explainer videos on the other hand are perfect for businesses that are just starting since this is a budget-friendly choice.

It summarizes the message you want to convey in endorsing your product, just like whiteboard animation, it has low production cost and has a direct aesthetic design. When done appropriately, it can meet the goals you set and can be effective just as the higher rate cost in production. 3D animation videos is physically impossible to shoot in real life and cost-prohibitive. Let’s say, transforming a product into 3D, you’ll have to use 3D software to show precisely the angles and close shots that are difficult to attain in real life. With the utilization of lighting special effects and modeling in 3D, a business can attain cost savings for those businesses that are looking for the latest trends to enhance their product. Do check IT Support for your company.

Creating videos require investment and small businesses may be hesitant to give it a shot even with the knowledge of its benefits to their business. Cost-effective animated videos are the best option rather than location shoots and casting actors suitable for your demo ad.