Getting EWP License

Things To Know Getting EWP License

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EWP or Elevating Work Platform is only for those professionals who received licensure. The job responsibilities for this type of work is highly dangerous and risky, thus it is not to be performed by anyone who has not received any licensure or certification per se. The field of this type […]

Dogging Licence

How To Get Your Dogging Licence

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Dogger is the colloquial term used in reference to someone who directs the hoisting and or moving of a heavy load on a construction site, it is also someone who directs a crane operator who is moving large building equipment on the site. The job, dogging, is an incredibly high […]

Plumber job

Plumber job In Australia

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Are you an experienced plumber, who is capable of installing and repairing water drainage, gas, sewerage pipes and systems? You are eligible for applying for plumber job in Australia. Throughout the county there are requirements for experienced plumbers and the appointment will be in accordance with the standard classification of […]