Visit Coron

Visit Coron Today!

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Perfect beaches, friendly people and beautiful sceneries are some of the reason why you should visit Coron. Here are more: Scuba Diving Snorkelers will have the opportunity to witness an amazing marine life when they visit this island. Aside from having a close encounter with colourful fishes, they can also […]

Eat Delicious Food

Eat Delicious Food at Puerto Galera

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If there’s one thing Puerto Galera is known for, it’s the wide selection of delicious food from different restaurants. It will be a long time before you try all the restaurants on the island. Whichever place you eat at, you’re guaranteed of yummy food and awesome service. If you’re a […]


Buying a Campervan

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Thinking if switching out your stationary home for a house on wheels? Then camper vans are hat you should consider. There are affordable, compact and functional. They can serve as utility vehicles as well as perform the function of a home with the basic home utilities available within. When it […]