When you hire a company to put an ice carving in your event, you must take care of it. Of course, it would be understandable if you don’t know how since it’s your first time to be around one. Therefore, the next thing to do would be to ask the provider on how to take care of the ice carving. The provider would love getting asked that question and they won’t hesitate to answer it by providing basic tips.

Do allow pictures to be taken with the ice carving. If the carving is something that resembles what the event is all about, you should allow guests to have their pictures taken with it. Of course, the more people in the picture, the better it would be.

Don’t carry it by yourself. The carvings look light but they’re very heavy. There’s a big chance you’ll drop the sculpture if you attempt to move it by yourself. If you think the place where it’s put is not proper then get the help of friends in moving it. It’s very risky to carry it yourself as you won’t get another one made if you drop it.

Do place it at the centre of the venue. It won’t get much attention if you decide to place it at the corner. It all depends on a number of carvings you’re planning to order. If you’re planning on ordering a lot of sculptures, it would be alright to place some of them at the corner. If you only ordered one, you must place it somewhere where it will garner immediate attention.

After finding out the basics of ice carving, you must hire an established company that will supply this item. You don’t have to get lots of recommendations because ice carving from Angel Ice Sculptures is the company you should contact. If you have yet to see their work, check out their gallery at their website. You’ll be surprised at the looks of the sculptures they made for various events. They’ve received nothing but positive reviews from their past clients. Their sculptures also got featured on the TV Show.