Dogging Licence

Dogger is the colloquial term used in reference to someone who directs the hoisting and or moving of a heavy load on a construction site, it is also someone who directs a crane operator who is moving large building equipment on the site. The job, dogging, is an incredibly high risk job that requires many skills.

Getting a doggers licence is not very difficult, but it can be a little pricey. There are lots of training facilities in Australia that offer a dogger’s course; you can find one near you by doing a quick search on the internet. During the course you will be taught many skills that you will use on construction sites everyday such as visually measuring distance and also assessing safety threats. Make sure that the company that you receive your training from is actually as reputable as it claims to be and watch out for any cons. Also remember that like everything else in life worth having, taking the easy way out is never the answer, everything you learn in the course will actually prove to be exceptionally useful.

Obtaining your doggers licence by doing the full course is beneficial to you. Your skill set and understanding of the construction industry will be increased. The course usually does not take any longer than 2 weeks. Most training companies will only charge you about $1500 to complete the course and to obtain your licence. It might sound like a lot of money, but it really is not when you consider the benefits that come with having this licence. You will be assessed by an accredited assessor and you will receive your dogman’s licence as soon as you finish the course. A doggers licence in Sunshine Coast is one of the main qualification that a dogger needs.

You might be wondering what these so called “benefits” are that come with having a doggers licence. One of the most obvious benefits is the employment; with your licence, you have a much better chance of getting employed in the construction industry. Employers favour workers with the skill set of a dogger because they are also able to do other jobs on the site with great accuracy. The licence will also help you branch out into different careers in the construction field of work.

Dogging is a great job to have in construction and it is incredibly rewarding. It is a set path to success in the construction career path.