Every business nowadays runs on computers and the Internet. You’d be hard-pressed to find an establishment that doesn’t use the Internet for everyday activities. As technology advances, more and more companies are looking for electronic solutions for their business’ needs. IT infrastructure services are integral to the everyday operations of any establishment.

What is it?

IT infrastructure refers to all the components that make the electronics in your business work. This includes:

  • Software – Each business will have unique software that’s customised for their business. Those in the restaurant industry will have POS software installed, which automatically lists and charges food according to the table. Hotels will have a customer database to keep track of the different rooms in the building.
  • Hardware – These are the tangible parts of the computer. This includes the screens, the keyboards, the CPUs, disks, servers and routers. Each industry will have different hardware needs.
  • Network – The internet is the primary network most businesses are connected to. However, they can also have Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, as well as other private networks within the server.
  • Meatware – Meatware refers to the person operating the entire system. It’s impossible to run a computer without someone at least turning on the switch. Meatware may also include clients of the business, depending on the industry.

Who needs it?

Setting up a network of computers for a very specific purpose can be a complicated matter. The hardware should meet the specifications of the software. The network should meet the needs of the software, hardware and meatware. Only a professional in the field can understand what the needs are for each system.

Whilst setting up is hard, maintenance is even harder. Assessment, diagnosis and repairs are needed daily to keep the system up and running. IT infrastructure services ensure that the network of computers keeps running smoothly. It also ensures that any hardware or software upgrades are dealt with.

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