Security Doors

If you are using security doors in your facility, home or business, you may have more than one style or type, depending on where it leads and what the nature of door is. For instance, the entrance security doors are different from the security doors keeping your vault.

But have you ever thought about whether your security doors provide the protection and the access you need for your employees and/or your visitors or yourself and family? Below are three of the key features your doors should never be without:

  • Dual locking function

This is a key feature that will require either double locks to maximise security when not being used.This is highly recommended to the area where money and assets are being kept. It also works well for personnel-only areas.

  • Access control

The conventional locking mechanism is as equally important as this one. This can give you full control of the people coming in and going out of the facility. Not only does this help regulate the people you allow in your area, but it also gives you easier access to secured areas throughout the day.

You do need to lock doors or use keys to enter a facility—all you need to do is swipe your badge and you can get access to the room.

  • Alarm system

Lastly, the alarm system is another important factor for security doors. Though it is necessary that you will be alerted to intruders, it is also necessary that you would be able to test your doors for safety and proper function. The alarm system is the most efficient way to ensure the levels of security is in check.

It is only necessary that you speak with professional installers and let them assess what you need to incorporate with your doors. There are some instances that you need added protection, because of your home or business location and/or nature of your business.

This being the case, you may want to hire professional installers that are highly capable assessing which protection or feature is best for you to utilise. See security doors in here!