Ant Control

Ant control should be done to ensure your health and safety. You may have seen their presence inside your home; they may be crawling everywhere, and this alone should make you worry. They should never be around your home at all—no one would never want them in.

Pest Inspection

The first step is an inspection. You need to know where their nests are located—go after their trails. You may want to start on windows, doors, carpet edges and all around your kitchen. The best way to find their nest is to watch where would they go after collecting food.

Outside, starting from areas of vegetation, mulch and foundation of walls are ideal. Vegetation that is near walls and patios may hide some trails or ant nests. Some ants are hidden well, so checking under any item located on the ground should also be done.

  • Find the nest by following the trail
  • Put non-repellent insecticides or bait around the area of the ant trails and the house or treat their nest directly

Ant Control Strategies and Tips

There are mainly two types of ant issues that are usually experienced, and these are:

  • Ants that already have a nest constructed inside
  • Ants that live forage inside and outside

The strategy is highly dependent on the type of ant responsible and how they infested. Knowing the type of ant infesting your home is required, and you need a magnifying glass to do so. You would never want their presence anywhere inside or outside your home.

For complete ant control, DIY may not be your best solution. Contacting an expert to ensure that no ant will be anywhere inside or outside your home is roaming around is a must. When hiring a professional company or expert, you must:

  • Ask for references
  • Check their website
  • Visit their company
  • Speak to them over the telephone or in person
  • Ask around your friends, relatives or neighbours for recommendations

Ants should never be in anyway taken for granted. As soon as you see a sign, treat it immediately and call an expert pest control to get rid of them.