Termite control is an important home maintenance activity. For centuries, these pesky insects have been damaging many properties because of their strong appetite for wood and other cellulose materials. These pests have damaged many residential and commercial structures, especially in the ceiling and even wooden furniture.

Without applying termite exterminating chemicals infestation to wooden portions of your house, your house is prone to structural defects. But how will you know that your home is under attack by these pests? Here are some signs to look for:

Presence of subterranean tunnels – Termites build tunnels where they can search and move their food. These are often located 20 centimetres underneath the soil. They are diligently made by worker termites and sometimes by soldiers for their survival.

Sagging floor and hollow wood – Unless you are a professional, you cannot easily detect early stages of termite infestation. You can only know that that they are attacking your home when they have already consumed the interior of the wooden parts of your home. Once you notice that the timber floors or walls are sagging and are already hollow, you should call Termite Treatment Brisbane immediately to prevent these pests from further damaging your home.

Shed wings – During spring, termite swarmers fly out of their nests to reproduce and find a new location to start a colony. If you find discarded wings near the windowsills and doors of your house it might be a sign that your house is the target for infestation.

Hard to open doors and windows – Termites produce moisture when devouring food and creating tunnels through the doors and window frames of your home can make the wood to go out of shape. When you start having difficulty in opening or closing doors and windows, it could be a sign that termites are currently creating damage in your house.

Termite infestation can cause a huge amount of damages in your home. You can prevent them from taking place by having the wooden parts of your home treated with chemicals that repel these destructive pests.