Getting EWP License

EWP or Elevating Work Platform is only for those professionals who received licensure. The job responsibilities for this type of work is highly dangerous and risky, thus it is not to be performed by anyone who has not received any licensure or certification per se.

Working at Heights

The field of this type of work can be highly dangerous and can possibly lead to someone’s death if not done in the right manner. There are different institutions around Australia providing EWP license, and they all come with different requirements, thus it is necessary that you know each of the state requirements before pursuing EWP license, The information that you need to gather is coming directly from the state where you plan to get the licensure, as the requirement may be different from one state to another.

The length of EWP License

You might think that getting EWP license in Gold Coast will take you a long time but actually it is the other way around, for some states and institutions it will just take you 2 days to get a license, 1 is for theory or classroom training and for the 2nd day, for practical training, for others 3 days if assessments will be separated from the rest of the modules need to be completed.

You can always ask the institution of your choice to know how long can they issue you your license, although getting a course will not give you a sure license, as assessments should be taken seriously as you need to pass them to get EWP license. Ask the institution where you plan to get the license, on how they handle the process of getting the license.

How much it is to get a license?

You surely would not know how much is the cost of the licensing unless you ask and get information directly from the institution where you plan to get the course. There are some who may charge less than the others, but more important to that would be the quality of education you can get from the course.

EWP course is not just for the purpose of getting EWP license, moreover to that, you are getting it for the purpose of making sure that you will be safe in everything you do, especially that the work involving EWP can be too risky, thus can possibly take your life.

EWP license is being given to those who are highly qualified to do the responsibilities, nothing else.