Web Design

Blogging has opened doors for people to achieve fame, earn big money and get multiple perks in exclusive events. A lot of us have been a witness to this occurrence that’s why some start their career within this platform. Since it is still a trend and more people are trying their luck with blogging, here’s the guide to help you get started:

Know your area of interest

Before you choose your Sydney website design and domain, know first what kind of blog you are going to pursue. If you’re into traveling and exploring new places, you can start a travel blog. However, if you fancy eating exquisite food and finding new restaurants in the city, then you can pursue lifestyle or food blog. Explore your area of interest to know what interests you and what’s suitable for you.

Brainstorm content

After you’ve decided what topic you want to push through, the next step is to brainstorm on the content of the blog. Jot down the list of articles you will upload on the site so everything will be aligned to your goal. Research your peg from other bloggers so you know how you stand out from the rest. Having original and fresh content is the key to gain readers and subscribers.

Choose platform and design

When you create your own blog and you don’t have a budget, you can get a free platform at WordPress, Tumblr or Squarespace. They already have free default website design for you to choose from. The key here is to get a design that is organized, easy to navigate and user-friendly. The complicated format can turn off readers so try to be simple as possible. Moreover, your website design should be aligned to your goal and what your blog is about. Everything should be connected.

Checkout MadDesign to help you customize your blog. They offer graphic design, web development, strategic marketing and more for an affordable price. Collaborate with them to complete your digital necessities.

Schedule posts

After decorating your website, it’s time to upload your content. But before you go crazy with publishing everything in a single blow, make a schedule first. Doing this will keep your blog in order.


Don’t hesitate to try new things to add an element to your blog. After all, change excites the readers right? Experiment contents that will surprise your readers. Do this once in a while to keep them engaged.