Whether it’s building inspections in the urban or rural area, laws must be respected when it comes to the construction. Here is what you have to do to successfully pass the building inspections:

•    Check the bodies of the local public administration legality of issuing the building permit according to the regulations in force

•    Note the offences in construction and apply legal measures

•   Authorise the testing laboratories in construction aimed at checking the quality of works, according to the regulations in force

•    Authorise the staff specialised in construction for the following positions: site master, responsible for quality control, responsible for tracking the behaviour of constructions, head of laboratory testing, chief station concretes, chief station production units, chief station mixtures asphalt specialist non-destructive testing on concrete and metal construction

•    Make arrangements for intervention on existing and new buildings, including changing their destination

Based on establishing the conditions for the marketing of construction products: exercise control for market surveillance of products, except those with a role in meeting the requirement of fire safety.

Based on the approval by the State Inspectorate for building constructions, have the technical-economic documentation for the investment objectives financed from public funds ready. Then approves the technical-economic documentation related to new investment objectives, publicly funded or external loans contracted or guaranteed by the state, as well as technical and economic documentation for the repairs, rehabilitation, preservation and restoration of existing buildings financed from public funds, regardless of value.

Remedial Measures

The State Construction Inspectorate responds to citizens to the issues before them, the objects of the institution, providing checks to establish concrete measures for each case reported. By controls, it establishes measures with preventive-corrective, so that the buildings be made and used without endangering the life, human health and safety material goods. Fulfilling match has is followed by the permanent institution.

In Case of Emergency

The State Construction Inspectorate carries out inspections and thematic issues of national interest. The findings of these audits shall be communicated ministries and other bodies concerned and establish actions to prevent accidents. In the case of emergencies (producing earthquakes, floods, landslides, etc.), safety ISC monitors the rapid assessment of structural stability and the establishment of the first emergency intervention measures in vulnerable buildings representing a public danger.
In the context of European integration, the institution aims to continue activities for improving the legal and regulatory framework and its application firmly to ensure quality conditions.

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